More Than Just A Nice Place To Stay

Eagle River B&B is located on the Eagle River in beautiful Sicamous, BC. The three acre property boasts a beautiful pond and seasonal snow melt creek that runs through the magnificent cedar forest. As you wander through the cedars where the sunlight streams through the canopy above you will see the forest floor covered with natural lilies, ferns and moss. The magic and enchantment of nature in all its wonder surrounds you.

Eagle River B&B - Kayaking

Explore The Eagle River

Explore the Eagle River in your choice of a kayak. canoe or paddle board. During your kayak adventure you will have the opportunity to find beautiful sandy beaches and a variety of wildlife including rafts of ducks, gaggles of geese, schools of fish and if you are lucky, you might even find a convocation of eagles watching over the river. Equipment rentals are available by the hour, half day and full day.

Eagle River B&B - Spa Services

Relax In The Spa

With a combination of massage, buoyancy and temperature, relaxing in a spa can help decrease both mental and physical stress. Spa services are included with your accommodation. 

Eagle River B&B Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Detoxification, increased metabolism and improved immune function are just a few of the many benefits from sauna bathing. Use of our sauna is included with your accommodation at Eagle River B&B. 

Eagle River B&B - Read A Book On The Hammock

Read A Book In A Hammock

As you walk toward the Eagle River, you will find a pair of hammocks in a beautiful shaded area allowing the opportunity to soak up the peaceful sounds of nature. This is a great place to read a book, take a nap or both. 

Eagle River B&B - Pond

Relax By The Pond

Nature at its finest! Located on the west side of the property is our nature rich pond. Beautiful ferns, spider webs glistening in the sun, colorful dragon flies and swimming turtles are just a few of the captivating sights. This is a place where you can spend hours enjoying nature work together.   

Eagle River B&B - Dining

Enjoy A Fine Meal

Whether it is a quick sandwich or one of Josh and Mary’s special dinners, our lower deck is a guest favorite to enjoy and fine meal. Although we do not serve alcohol, please feel free to pick up your favorite wine to pair with one of our special meals. 

Eagle river B&B - Patio

Relax On The Patio

Maybe you want to relax after fine meal or maybe you would like to socialize with other guests, we have several patio areas for you to find the perfect ambience and enjoy.

Eagle River B&B - Campfire

Campfire Fun 

Eagle River B&B features a beautiful forest and riverside setting for you to have some fun while sitting around a campfire. Roasting wieners, burning marshmallows and telling your favorite campfire story are just few of the things that will make your campfire a memorable experience.   


We Cater To Sledders

Eagle River B&B is conveniently located within a few minutes drive to four groomed trails including Queest Mountain, Owlhead, Blue Lake and Eagle Pass. We offer clean & quiet rooms with plenty of food options including a bagged lunch for while you are out on the trails.